Admin tools: gentle handling of session timeout

Hi team,

This has been talked about some years ago, but got lost somewhere, so I’ll bump the need with a new feature request.

Let me paint you a picture:
When working in Content Studio, even on small sites, I will have multiple tabs open. Yes, I do over-dose on tabs, but even more sane tab-usages makes for quite a number of open tabs. You have Content Studio open, you edit some content elements - one Article and one Person and one Image. Since you do many minor adjustments of text back and forth you keep these tabs open. Suddenly it’s time for lunch. You close down your machine and when you return happy and with a full stomach you find 4-5 tabs all pointing to the /admin/tool login screen. It is not possible to return to the content your were editing since the URL also changed. Instead you need to remember were you worked and re-open them, one by one. If I opened different admin tools, like Users tool and Application tool, these are luckily kept in the URL so reloading these tabs will get me back more or less where I left. This is also true for any preview-tabs. But for Content Studio navigation and editing, these tabs are reset on timeout.

How it often looks like:

How others solve this:

  • Overlay the current page with a login modal. Logging in removes the modal and lets you pick up where you left. After logging in again in one tab, the others can be reloaded manually to remove the modal.
  • Redirect to login but keep a “return” param in the URL that can redirect you back.

Best regards,
Bobby “Too Many Tabs Open”


Thanks for reaching out on this, indeed an annoying issue.
How about the following solution:

When session ends, show a simple modal saying “Your session has timed out, click here to login again”, which will trigger the login with redirect. Other tabs will detect you have logged in again and remove the modal.


Hi Thomas, this sounds like an awesome solution!

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This is in our short-term plan at the moment. Closing the issue.

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