Allow content type for specific role inside Content Studio

Enonic version: 7.11.1
OS: Linux

Is there any way to allow create content-type based on specific Role and restrict for others inside content studio? Is it possible?

For instance, I want to hide Site and Directory items for Content Manager App role, but leave them for Admin.

Hello! This is not possible at the moment, however we are going to mark it as a feature request.


Hi. are you using the default repo? It is still there for legacy reasons but will not be initialized in the future. When creating a content project from scratch, you will get a range of roles, where creation of site is limited to editors and owners.

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, I’m using the default repo.
But I also need role separation for different content types and directory.

ATM you cannot directly prevent creation of specific content types “per role” but you can try the following:

Create special folder content types that will restrict creation of content within it to a specific list using the allow-child-type, as can be seen here:

Then, set permissions on who can create content where in the structure on a per role basis.

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FYI: We do have a backlog item to set a filter of “allow content types” on a per item basis. Basically, meaning you can create a folder, and specify that only articles are allowed. Combined with permissions - this would solve your requirement.

No ETA for this yet.

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