Animated GIFs as content in CMS 4.7

Enonic version: 4.7.11
OS: Windows


One of our content contributors has uploaded an animated GIF as content in Enonic. But it seems like the animation disappears, and a still image of the first frame is created. Same behaviour in admin/preview and on the website.

Are animated GIFs supported at all? Why / why not?

-Sebjørn Rundereim Birkeland

Did they insert the image in “original” size? That is the only option that might work, but I don’t remember exactly at the moment. Using original file will at least work in XP.

Thing is that animated gif’s are transcoded to regular gif’s when scaled…

When the image is uploaded as image content in the CMS, the “source image” also becomes a still image. No animation. So this seems to happen already when the image itself is uploaded.

I guess then that animated GIFs are not supported,.

Seems so - I guess you could trick it by uploading the gif as a “file” and link it in by editing the editor source code?

That actually worked :smile: