App version, timestamp and filepath from all nodes with command or js api

Continuing the discussion from Old app in blob store used on server startup, rather than newer jar file in $XP_HOME/deploy/:

Enonic version: 6.7.0
OS: Mac and Linux

We had an issue where install-app only installed the app on 1 of 3 cluster nodes.
In such an instance it would have been nice to be able to run a command, or js api, to get the app version and timestamp, perhaps which filepath the file had when being installed on all nodes, so that I can verify whether the installation was successful. Running different versions of an app on different nodes, sounds like nightmare.

Having to make ssh tunnels into each machine in order to check which apps it has is too much work.

And oh btw, app timestamp is not even displayed in applications.

Bit confused here - did you install through UI or by placing files on the nodes when you got this issue?

toolbox install-app is what we use

We are working on a nice way to manage deployment and configuration for XP using Git. Hopefully this will be shipped by the end of the year!

I know it is not exactly what you are asking, but meanwhile you can call the rest service “/admin/rest/application/list”.
There you have the application version, timestamp and a lot of other information.