Apps/libs/starters wishlist


I just wanted to reach out to our community and ask if you have any applications, libraries and/or startes that you wish where available in the market?

Sten Roger


Start with some wishes here:

  • Freemarker library
  • library to render views using Freemarker.
  • Handlebars library
  • library to render views using Handlebars.
  • Asciidoctor library
  • library to render views using Asciidoctor.
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I wish we could have had a basic search library that we could extend from. The basic search lib could have had some config. about what to include or not.

But as a start would be great with a basic search lib


@tsi @srs I’ve been refactoring a APP built on top of bootstrap starter. I’m adding parts with gallery, articles, blogs… Should these parts be in a separate libs so you could “shop” plugins like you do in Wordpress or what do you think is the best approach ?

Its this app that eventually will be submitted to the market after some cleanup:

Pro of lib approach: as you say, you can shop ready made modules. Developer control if lib is included or not.

Cons of lib: you’ll need to add one line per part in your gradle and keep track of all the versions there. You cannot edit or view the code locally, must check github to see what happens in the back.

Pro of apps: you get the source and can adjust details, remove things not needed, get inspired by the code to do totally new things. Has possibility to give user settings via site.xml.

That said, I’m an app-fan and prefer to use libs only to extend my javascript functionality, not adding parts etc. So I’m pretty biased =)

@bwe I think as you. The nearer you get to the top, more flexibility you need so you can adapt the APP to you’re needs.
But on the downside all the cool stuff won’t be that easily visible.

So the market may be could have a gist approach where you add parts, UI, somponents easily. That would boost the size of market and have “plugins” like wordpress has.


Runar! Creating multipe libs for galleries etc is a great idea, as long as you just clearly state that they depend on bootstrap 3 for instance. Also document any styles that should be imlemented in the app for this specific part to work properly.

Figured I could mention (even though this is an old thread) that at TINE, we now have a working Freemarker render lib that we are planning on publishing on the market when it reaches a slightly more stable state. It’s heavily influenced by the thymeleaf lib supplied with XP, with support for portal functions like assetUrl, imageUrl etc.