Archive in CS Beta 2

7.8 Beta 2 and CS 4 Beta 2

We have installed XP 7.8 beta 2 and CS 4 beta 2 on our test-server.

However, we can archive articles, but we cannot find the archive section where the archived articles are stored.

It should be an icon under the pencil on the left hand side in CS, right?

Hello, Eivind, Archive functionality is available via content studio plus app, do you have it installed?

Yes, we have. Version 1.1.0

There we have:

Admin utvidelser
Layers (contentstudio.contextpanel)

@Eivind, New version (1.2.0) of CS+ with Archive functionality hasn’t been released yet. We’re putting on finishing touches, and hoping to release RC1 of CS+ on Monday.

@Eivind 1.2.0-Beta1 of Content Studio Plus is ready and can be used for testing the Archive contents.

Thanks… I have to find our licence first…

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