assetURL should not generate cache headers when in dev mode


We run necessary tasks in continuous mode while developing to avoid running enonic project deploy after a change.
But the problem is that assetUrl to css-file contains build id, then we have to run enonic project deploy to see changes in css.
If assetUrl did not generated build id in dev mode, the problem would have been resolved

Carina :slight_smile:

Hey again, suddenly it works. I think the whole problem was browser caching :smile:

Are you saying assets already don’t have cache headers when in dev mode?

To me, it looks like the headers are still instructing the browser to cache, even in dev mode.
I’ve added it to backlog. Will be a nice improvent.

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It have cache header, but when disabling cache in chrome i got the changes in css :slight_smile: But nice improment to remove cache header in devmode anyway :grinning:

Will be fixed in 7.4.