Audit log cleaning

Enonic version: 7.5.0
OS: Ubuntu 18

Hello, everyone. I have a doubt about the audit log. I have a server with a high update rate, which leads to a high amount of audit logs. I know I can deactivate the logging on the file XP_HOME/config/com.enonic.xp.audit.cfg, but we have some way to clean old logs or limit the logging storage for X days only, since I wish to keep the logs, but not store them for more than a week?

Hi, Paulo.

At the moment, I think you can only delete the whole repo, not manage parts of it. But the good news is that according to the Roadmap update January 2021, “Lib-node import/export” is on the list of short-term features to be implemented. So when that is in place, you should hopefully be able to delete the repo and then re-import just the most recent non-expired data.


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There is an even more relevant feature coming, automatic cleaning of audit logs will be implemented before this summer!

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Thank you! For now the Data Toolbox is being very helpful in this task as I can delete 500 logs per page. Anyway, I’m very excited for the new features! :smiley: