AuditLog timezone

Enonic version: 7.11.1
OS: Linux

How to set AuditLog timezone?

Timezone in AuditLog is differ than I have on linux server.
On Linux server I have +06 timezone - (for instance 09:00)
But AuditLog add records without server timezone (-06) (for instance 03:00).

The “Z” at the end of the timestamp stands for Zulu time, which means that it’s in Universal Time Code, which is not a timezone, but in practical terms it is equal to GMT (+00)

Unless your XP server is doing very specific local tasks (e.g. just storing data to be used on a local office network and never share this data anywhere else), do not - I repeat DO NOT - try to force your XP data to be stored in a specific timezone. That will only cause pain.

Instead, use the UTC timestamp and convert it to the desired timezone if necessary.