Automate setup of sites


Is there a simple way to automate the setup of a Site consisting of multiple apps and repositories efficiently? An example:

I have an Enonic server containing multiple sites, multiple repositories and multiple Apps, both third party Apps and self developed Apps. There is a many to many relationship between the Apps, repos and Sites. If I want to set up a local development version of the Site or migrate it to a different server, I must (to my knowledge at least):

  • Identify all Apps the Site is dependent on and install them.
  • Identify all the repositories the Site is dependent on, export nodes and import them to the proper repo locally.

This is a time consuming process which is easy to mess up.

Iā€™m not sure exactly how this could look like in practice, but if this could be achieved I think companies using Enonic on a large scale could save a lot of time, especially if they have many sites in multiple Enonic environments (Test, QA, etc.)

I hope my inquiry is clear. Keep up the good work!


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Hi Harald.

Did you try using dump and load? This will migrate an entire XP instance from one environment to another.


Thanks for replying. Yes, but this is not ideal for a large instance when I only need one out of many sites and repos.

Hi. Then, the recommended approach is using the API. There is a project API for creating new projects, and a content and import API that can help you with the rest.

Have a look at how we create projects and import content in this app for instance: Superhero Blog - Enonic Market