Automated snapshot restore

We have an environment that should always be a copy of production (code AND data for testing).
We have set up linux file-sync of snapshots-folder and blob-folder from production every night.
Now we want to script snapshot restore of the last daily snapshot (taken just before the sync).
But the CLI-tool prompts for selection of snapshot.
We want to do the restore from a script referring directly to the snapshot to restore.
Could you please ad this as a feature in a new release of the CLI?
(And possibly remove the timestamp from the snapshot name so we don’t have to parse the list of snapshots first to find the exact name.)
Or has anyone other ideas?

I assume we could provide som option to the CLI to simplify the task!

We have made the script find the latest daily snapshot. So all we need now is to be able to tell snapshot restore the name of the snapshot to restore.

We have implemented this feature in the XP core, but it still needs to be merged and added to the CLI:

Great. But I think it is important that we also can specify the snapshot to restore, not just the latest. In the CLI I mean.
When can we expect a new version of the CLI including this?

Specifying a snapshot to restore has always been supported via --snapshot argument. A new version supporting “--latest” will be released within a couple of weeks.