Azure ID provider: bugfix update 2.0.1

The Azure ID provider app has been bumped to 2.0.1. This fixes default-value handling for config values, especially for the config nested under user.

Background: previously, the was an issue around the configuration. In versions 1.x, it would default to the placeholder ${name}, and this would be recommended in the docs as well. In version 2.0.0 there was no default value, but it lingered in the docs. Instead if ${name}, it’s better to use {oid} (or rather, @@{oid} in the new .cfg-file syntax). The reason is that {oid} is a stable value, whereas {name} might change if a user changes their name, or be duplicated for multiple users with the same name.

This update has no effect if is already set in the config, since set values override the defaults. For environments where this config is not set, updating the app will entail a change from {name} to {oid}.

Changing (whether it’s as a result of updating the app or setting the config) will cause new users to be created in XP on login. In this case, update the new users with necessary roles etc in the Users app in XP. To enforce backward compatibility with users created with ${name}, configure the app with [email protected]@{name}.

More information: Microsoft identity platform ID tokens - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn