Basic cluster and Minio

Enonic version: 7.13.3
OS: Linux

Dear Enonic Team,

We have basic cluster - Using the operator - Enonic Developer Portal

Can we use Minio client instead of NFS server?
And how to do that )?

Hello! We haven’t tried it and it’s hard to tell if it will work out of the box. For example, it can be run with GKE filestore and Azure NFS mode, but it doesn’t work run with Azure Smb mode. So the only way is to try. If you’ll try it, we would really love to hear about the results! :grinning:


Our DevOps Engineer tried to modify XP operator and connect to Minio, but unfortunately it wasn’t successfully. So we decided to use NFS storage :slightly_smiling_face:. Now it works great :+1:.