Basic cluster CI/CD

Enonic version: 7.13.3
OS: Linux

Dear Enonic Team,
Can you please tell me how is it correctly send updates (.*jar files) to kubernetes cluster?

I mean we have basic cluster - Using the operator - Enonic Developer Portal

Now we have a task to adjust CI/CD to be able to update release builds.

The solution I see:

  1. Build from source code - enonic project build
  2. Put .*jar into the nexus
  3. Update .*jar on one of the cluster nodes from nexus and install it using - enonic app install --file /home/enonic/*.jar -a login:password
  4. Ready - we’ve successfully updated build

Is it correct or may be there is a best practice how to do it?

Hi Niki.

This is one way of doing it, which means you will need to have access to the management API :4848 on one (or more) of the K8S pods.

NB! Remember, the Operator is not yet in v1.0 - but we are soon there.

The alternative way, which is what we use in our new self service cloud, is via custom resources, specifically xp7app: Using the operator - Enonic Developer Portal

This way, you can have the operator install the applications for you instead :-).

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Hello Thomas,
thanks for the response and hints.
I’ll try to explain this solution to my DevOps Engineer :slight_smile: