Better feedback when archiving and downloading Node exports

Hi, not sure if this is a feature request or a bug report.

I’m trying to archive and download a relatively large node using Data Toolbox. The info box saying “Archiving exports…” stalled and was running for 12 hours before I gave up and closed the browser. More feedback on the progress of the archiving process would be very useful.

Keep up the good work on XP.


You can keep on track of running tasks from DataToolBox Tasks tab:


@gri - Is this something that can be improved in DT?

Thank you @ff9will for pointing to the Tasks tab and @haraldvinje for reporting the issue.

@tsi Yes. I will provide more information on the progress of the archiving.
Also I will add a way to gracefully cancel the task.
Actually, a feature request for XP: it would be useful it there was a generic way to gracefully cancel a task and from a task to check that a task (context of a task) has been cancelled (through the task lib).