Block emails sent when creating new issues

Enonic version: 7.0.2

I’m automatically creating new issues every time a content is updated by a job that runs at midnight. There is any possible way to control/block the creation of emails that are sent to the user that is linked to the issue?

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There’s no such option as of now. As far as I can see, there are 3 possible options (all of them are hacky):

  1. Change email address of the user before creating an issue (so that mail fails to be sent to this specific user) and then change it back.
  2. Rename mail config file (so that mail doesn’t get sent at all) before your job starts and then rename it back once it’s done
  3. Use non-existing (but correctly formatted) email address for the user. As far as I know, email address is not used for anything except for sending issue notifications.

Thank you for your feedback !

My question is, why (and how) are you automatically creating issues? Especially when you don’t want to notify assignees?

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We have a macro that access contents from a API. Everyday we run a job that checks if the content of the macro has been updated in the API, but some of the data cannot be automatically update without warning the editor about its changes. So we create issues that warn the user about its changes. automatically sending emails to the editor.