Blog posts on Functional programming in Enonic XP (with TypeScript)

6 New blog posts

I have published a series of blog posts on how to do Functional Programming Enonic XP. Our approach revolves around using the fp-ts TypeScript library.

The blog posts are written in Norwegian (Sorry English speakers. I might translate it to English later if there is demand).

There are six chapters:

  1. Intro
  2. TypeScript
  3. Option
  4. Either
  5. IO
  6. Eksempler

Open sourced libraries

I have also open sourced four libraries to go with the blog posts. They can be found on Github, and npm.

Two libraries for general TypeScript usage with XP:

  1. enonic-types - TypeScript types for enonic libraries
  2. enonic-ts-codegen - Generate TypeScript-interfaces for data based on Enonic XP XMLs

And two for functional programming in XP:

  1. enonic-fp - Functional wrappers around standard XP libraries
  2. enonic-wizardry - Common patterns for enonic-fp usage


I would love some feedback on this. So feel free to reach out to me. There are links to my contactinfo in the blogs, or find me on the Enonic Community Slack as Tom Arild Jakobsen (Item).