Bold and italic in HTMLArea

In Enonic XP 7 the buttons for bold, italic and underline are removed from the HTML Area toolbar. This has been explained as intentional behaviour (Bold and Italic are not displayed in the editing tools of HtmlArea) due to space issues. I understand the issue with enough room, but I see it is also impossible to add these buttons through the config even if I remove other buttons to make room.

Personally I dont think the buttons for aligning is necessary here as as I have never seen a web site where users change the alignment on paragraph to paragraph basis.

I hope these buttons can be added back as default and alignment being removed. As a minimum we should be able to add these buttons manually through config. For most end users the shortcuts are not anything they understand to use, this is only for power users.


Agree that this should be doable via custom config. We’ll discuss this.

This will be fixed in Content Studio 3.0:

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