Bold, Italic or Underline html formatting is randomly removed when saving

Enonic version: 7.7.1
OS: YourOS
Content manager version: 3.3.1


We are experiencing problems with the Text component. Sometimes the html formatting disappears when saving the page, at that point all the Text components in the page have no formatting anymore (tested with bold, italic, underline).

Has anyone else this problem or perhaps a solution?

Kind regards

Do you see any pattern to when this happens? Tried it now on the latest release and formatting stays after save.

I can see no pattern sometimes it works and sometimes it is just gone after saving the page

A small update I downgraded the Content studio to 3.3.0 but there the keyboard shortcuts voor bold or cursive do not work (ctrl + b and ctrl + c).

When downgrading to Content studio 3.2.4 everything seems to be fine, the formatting stays in place when saving the page, the keyboard shortcuts work and there is a B and I button in de text editor interface.

In 3.3.1, did formatting get removed during the save or afterwards? Also, was it a consistent problem affecting any content or some specific content?

Hello Ase thank you for your reply.

After a bit more testing i see that the formatting is removed after double clicking on a text element in the page, the page refreshes real quick and all the text objects/parts in the page lack formatting at that point.

Thanks for the tips! This is very different from what was described in the support case :). We’ll test the described scenario and get back to you.

We have reproduced and registered the issue. Will be fixed in the next bugfix release of Content Studio.

The fix is released in Content Studio 3.3.2