Bold Italic Underline

Enonic version: 7.1
OS: Mac

Hi,I just encountered this issue: I wrote the following descriptor (this is just the input type where I have the issue: HtmlArea).

The result of this in Content Studio drop the entire block in between JustifyRight and BulletedList, Bold Italic and Underline do not show at all as it suppose to do, according to documentation:
The content-type works and save data the only thing I miss is this group of tools

Thanks in advance for helps!

<input name="description" type="HtmlArea">
  <label i18n="employee.description">Text for employee</label>
  <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="1"/>
  <default i18n="employee.default.text"><h3>Description of employee</h3></default>
    Format |
    JustifyBlock JustifyLeft JustifyCenter JustifyRight | Bold Italic Underline | 
    BulletedList NumberedList Outdent Indent | 
    Image Macro Link Unlink | 

This has nothing to do with your configuration :slight_smile:
Those buttons can (and should) be used via keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-B, Cmd-I etc.) and were removed in version 2.2 to give room for the new buttons which don’t have keyboard shortcuts (see release notes). They are also available in fullscreen mode.

Thank you for explanation! now I see the icons on fullscreen editor, I leave the configuration as it is then. :+1:

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