BrightSign Digital Signage

Anyone experienced using Enonic CMS in combination with BrightSign digital signage devices, please?
I need to know best practice for setup of the BrightSign devices.

Hi, Alex, and welcome to the forum!

I don’t have any experience with BrightSign, I just wanted to point out that the term “Enonic CMS” means something special: It was the predecessor to Enonic XP. It was replaced by Enonic XP in 2015 and is now End-of-Life. Only a handful of servers on the web are still running it.

So I’m fairly certain that your question is about using Enonic XP in combination with BrightSign digital signage services :slight_smile:

Thanks for making this clear.
But still, if someone can advice me how to use Enonic XP with adigital signage device I would be grateful.

Hi Alex.

It doesn’t seem to be any experience with BrightSign here.

I suggest you look into our GraphQL API and learn how to configure and get content from Enonic as JSON using this guide:


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Ok, thanks for your advice. Will do this.

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