Buggy right click (on tables) in editor

Enonic version: 7.7.0
OS: Ventura 13.2.1

When attempting to edit or delete tables in the text editor, the context menu appears as I right click (ctrl+click (Mac)), but as soon as I release the mouse button, the context menu disappears.


Note: This doesn’t always happen, but very often. Refreshing etc. does not solve the problem.

I’ve tested in Chrome (10.0.5481.177) and Safari (16.3 (18614. – the issue appears in both browsers.

Hello @Miebk, we will look into it soon!

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Trying to reproduce with no success, so maybe you could help me a bit:

  1. Do you use an actual mouse?
  2. If not then you can select items you need with click pressed and then do a double touch with your fingers on touchpad, is it an option for you?

I’ve tested with both a mouse (Apple Magic Mouse) and the Mac’s touchpad – there doesn’t appear to be any difference :slight_smile:

The content feed is rather large and includes a lot of text and tables, I’m not sure if that could be a relevant factor here or not.

The issue seems to occur at random … sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, hehe. This probably isn’t very helpful :sweat_smile:

Luckily there are workarounds and I am still able to delete tables in other ways, so this isn’t a super big deal, even though it is rather annoying when it occurs :slight_smile:

This seems to be a small issue within CKEditor and it’s table plugin, I believe you should stick to an alternative options of opening context menu for now since there’s nothing much we can do about it. There’s a chance that when we update CKE with it’s plugins the problem will go away.