Build.gradle dependencie problem

Enonic version: 6.11.0
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2


My xpVersion is set to 6.11.0 in When adding “include “com.enonic.xp:lib-http-client:${xpVersion}”” in build.gradle the build fails (can’t find the file).

It looks like the 6.11.0 of “lib-http-client” is not released.

What is the recommended solution? Any way to configure gradle to take beta release of 6.11.0 if it can’t find a release version? Or should I update build.gradle to take a specific version of “lib-http-client”, "include “com.enonic.xp:lib-http-client:6.11.0-B2"”?


lib-http-client is now a separate library from XP core, to make updates to it easier. With it, we also give the lib its own version number starting on 1.0.0. See our release notes for upgrade instructions (just change 1 line of code).

The lib’s source is found on Github.


Sorry, missed that. Thanks…

No worries =) . . . .