Cache Invalidator been released

We have released our Cache Invalidator to Enonic Market:

In its current iteration the app is built to support the limited feature set of the free Cloudflare plan.

We have written av bit more about the roadmap (in Norwegian) in this announcement:

Looking forward to get your feedback!


Very nice! Awesome contribution! :+1:

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Cool that you’re sharing! We created (and shared somewhere around here) something that was a bit more advanced and requires Varnish. It also requires some instrumentation of the app. In short, changes to pages and content will result in only those pages being purged from the cache, not all pages, which can be very practical for large websites with heavy traffic.

It’s still working great even after 5 years, but there’s a bit of overhead in managing Varnish and all of that ourselves.
The code is available here: GitHub - tineikt/xp-lib-perfectcache-headers: lib and util to set cache headers assisting varnish in purging XP contents and GitHub - tineikt/xp-app-perfectcache-purger.

Edit: Translated to english :slight_smile: