Can't find Attachment viewer?

I don’t see Attachment Viewer when installing apps in production (6.15.4)

But it works in test (6.15.5) ?


Hi Tommy,

That’s odd, the app says on the Market-page that it requires minimum 6.15.4:

Let’s us have a look why this happens. Also, since the app is rather basic in its functionality it might be possible for us to downgrade the required version, but that might require some additional work.

Im also suspecting that the source code for this app is not the same as in the app on market? There is a lot of logging on github i’m not seeing and there is no trace of any templates?

Yeah, this seems weird. The app was developed on 6.15.4. Granted, it was the result of a hackathon effort, so it may have been a bit rushed to Market.

The logging and template part are actually commended out from running in the app. init() is commendted out. Not sure if this is intentional or not? otherwise you’ll need to create the template yourself for each site.

This should probably be handled in a response filter or something?

Oh I see. There is a controller :slight_smile: Too much code that’s not in use :slight_smile:

Version 2.0.0 released, removing dormant code and the deprecated page template functionality, but also adding the ability to view ‘base:unstructured’ content as plain text. Oh, and I’ve reduced the system requirement to Enonic XP v6.13.0.

I’ve tested installing this from Market using the install option in the Applications tool, and it works for me on both 6.13.0 and 6.15.4.

I’m not sure why you couldn’t install it from Market, I’ve had no problems on any of the sites I’ve installed the app on.