Change file size

Enonic version: 7.8.4
Enonic CLI version 2.3.0
OS: Windows 10 Pro

I have a problem with the javascript file sizes. For example, there are many JS files with real sizes in assets, when I run:

enonic project deploy

then, the JS file sizes will change and they aren’t able to run again. How can I solve the problem?


Hi Mehdi.

What do you mean files arent able to run? Enonic project deploy simply performs various build steps, and produces an output jar. Your source files don’t get change at all

Hello dear,
Let me describe again. I try to describe the problem obviously. I have a problem with the js files. I added assets folder in the project that include css, download, fonts, images and js. Then I do “enonic project deploy” command to build the project and when I go in the browser I see js files doesn’t work. When I see the console log, I have a lot of errors. In the following, I will attach a image of the errors in the console log.
I have a solution to solve this problem, but It’s not reasonable because I have to delete the js files after every time “enonic project deploy” from


and then I have to copy the js files in the said route again. When I Doing “enonic project deploy” command every time, I have to delete js files and then copy again. You know, because after I doing “enonic project deploy” command every time, the real size of js files will change. For example the real size of “bootstrap.min.js” is 59KB but when I do “enonic project deploy” command it will be 105KB.


enonic project deploy first builds your project. It may include some webpack/babel steps depending on your build setup. What exactly happens is not obvious. Look inside the files to see the difference and find a build step that incorrectly changes them.

Also it’s quite obvious from numerous build errors that there are issues with your build. You should look at the code and find out what this “WOW” thing the build complains about and why there are errors of “undefined”. We cannot help you getting your build right, you have to do it yourself.