Changed input type from Long to TextLine still stores as Long

Enonic version: 6.4.2
OS: Mac

I’d like to keep the zero at the start of postalCodes.
So I decided to store as TextLine rather than Long.

I deleted all entires of that content type, and did a ./gradlew clean deploy.

Then I add some content, and noticed that postalCodes are still stored as Long.

Next time I try to createOrModify the same content, it believes the content has changed because its comparing a string in the input data, to a Long in Enonic, so it will modify and even publish the content every time, even though nothing has changed in the input data.

Here is a report from deep-diff

deepDiff: [
        "kind": "E",
        "path": [
        "lhs": 3534,
        "rhs": "3534"

Sorry, probably my mistake there where several postalCode inputs, will verify now, please delete this bug.

Verified my bad. At least it made me find deep-diff :slight_smile: