Changing headless CMS forever - Enonic + Next.js

For too long, the Headless CMS offerings have been leaving editors in the dark, and had developers implement and maintain excessive code and logic for every project. Not anymore… At Enonic, we are taking huge steps to offer the most seamless and intuitive editing and developer experience for “Modern stack websites”. In short, editors can work efficiently and in context, like a “good ol CMS” - while developers write and ship the front-end using their favorite front-end framework, and our Headless GraphQL API. :star_struck:

Over the last 8 months, we’ve been hard at work to deliver an intuitive integration with a 3rd party front-end framework - namely Next.js. Combined, the project is referred to as Next.XP. The release was celebrated in our offices across the continent with our international development team today :partying_face: :rocket:

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Also, for the impatient, we offer the demo setup that can be spun up by following the TLDR; instructions in the tutorial:

In addition to the above mentioned, a range of improvements have been made across our entire platform portfolio to simplify and make integrations with 3rd party frameworks intuitive. The Core platform - Enonic XP, Content Studio, Guillotine Headless API, http-client libraries and more have all been improved throughout the process.

And we’re just getting started!
Stay tuned for more…