Chuck Norris widget for Enonic XP

The Chuck Norris fact widget for Enonic XP has just been released.

Take a break from your Enonic XP activities and spend a minute studying some Chuck Norris facts. This small app adds a Chuck Norris widget to your XP admin interface.

For developers, this app is also a way of demonstrating how a widget for Enonic XP is made.


Nice way to add some fun to your work day! - Love the app/widget!

Finally! Been waiting for this since 4.2!!


Nice idea. But Iā€™d say it requires two imprortant adjustments:

  1. Refresh button to load new fact
  2. Bigger font of the fact text - I can hardly read it on my screen

More features are coming :slight_smile: For now you can actually load a new fact by selecting another content in admin with the widget open.