CLI 2.8.1 has been released!

A new bug fix release of Enonic CLI fixes two issues:

  • enonic cloud app install would only deploy an app once
  • enonic create myproject would not automatically pick up the provided project name as a folder name for the new project

Upgrade from a previous version to the new one is still as simple as running enonic upgrade in your command line.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Looks like I can’t do enonic upgrade with the Snap-flavor of the CLI.

$ enonic upgrade

fork/exec /usr/bin/snap: permission denied

I get the exact same output running sudo enonic upgrade.

Did it use to work in previous versions? How did you upgrade before?

And does it work if you run “snap refresh enonic” directly?

I have never tried the enonic upgrade command before.

Snap upgrades automatically in the background. So it’s not actually a problem.

I’m getting this:

$ snap refresh enonic
snap "enonic" has no updates available

It had already updated in the background, but I expect it works.