Cloud Content Snapshot

Enonic version: 6.4
OS: Windows10

Its possible to download the snapshot/dump of my content created in the enonic cloud server?
My problem: I have a dev server, where I do the job and send the .jar file to the costumer, which adds it to his enonic account. The costumer creates some content, which later I have to change and send a new file to him, but before sending it, I would like to have the same objects he has online in my dev machine, to analyse what was impacted by the changes.

You can use the toolbox CLI to export content for the Enonic XP installation and then import it to a nother installation. You can find the documentation for exports and imports here:

And toolbox CLI here:

I know I can access the CLI and do these import/exports whenever I want, but the cloud installation doesn’t give a option/access to use it, so, the production objects I have, can not be dumped.