Cms2xp not working with starter-vanilla

Enonic version: CMS
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Enonic has a migration tool to move a project from old CMS version to XP6. In that tool we need to provide an application repo (such as starter-vanilla / start-react) that is going to be the XP6 base application.

When trying to migrate using that tool, I decided to go with starter-vanilla as the application repo, but the migration process took 4 seconds because it stoped since the site.xml was removed from the starter-vanilla in this commit

I’m just pointing it out to let you guys know that cms2xp is not working with starter-vanilla.

I’m guessing that cms2xp is just pulling the latest version of starter-vanilla from the repo, and since cms2xp has not been touched in over two years, starter-vanilla has since been released in a version which is for XP7?

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Bjørnar has a very good point here. I have not tested this out, but the Vanilla Starter is really not supposed to work with cms2xp after v1.5.0. Try going back to version 1.4.0 of the starter. That is the last version that was made for XP6, so it should work.

or maybe try starter-base instead of starter-vanilla. Starter-base was abandoned with the latest version being for XP6. (The same goes for starter-react, although that starter is more complex)

Thank you @bhj and @jsi.

How can I set a specific version of the starter-vanilla? The cms2xp does not provide a XML tag to set a version of the applicationRepo.

I’ve tried with starter-base and starter-react and both works.

@breisfm We have created a new repository called starter-vanilla-xp6 which is a version of the Vanilla Starter compatible with XP6. Try changing repo name from starter-vanilla to starter-vanilla-xp6 in your cms2xp config and see if it works.


I hope the solution Alan has come up with will work for you. There are so few customers left on the old CMS, that we do not want to invest a lot of time in fixing problems like this on cms2xp.

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@ase Thank you for creating that new repo Alan, it works!

@jsi I understand, that’s fine!

Thank you guys for the attention and quick workaround :slight_smile: