Collapse the Components view by default

We are creating alot of components on a page and the editors are struggling to get an overview when this view is expanded by default. It would help alot if this was a setting in content studio.

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Are you talkling about the “page components panel”?


So, you would like an “expand/collapse” function?

That is correct. Either a “collapse/expand” function or that it it collapsed as default when opened.

Sorry for the late answer. We’ve been thinking about this and have the following suggestion:
By default, expand only the page and all it’s regions (i.e. like picture below), and then add a nice “expand all” button to get the current view.

What do you think?

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Yes. I think this will help and the editor will like this. Now they need to close all to get an overview.

Hi, this is fixed and will be included in Content Studio 3, eta 1 month.

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