Content Permissions

In my application we have the following behavior:

  • An article that is spread to several sites via api, which can be Copied or Linked;
  • Copyed articles are the ones that the user can edit and publish its changes;
  • Linked articles are those which the user can not change its contents, but he should be able to move these articles on the site structure.

To avoid the user to edit Linked articles, we set some permissions:
allow = [“READ”,“CREATE”,“PUBLISH”];

But since the user can not modify the article, it can’t move it. So I’ve tried to add the “MOVE” permission to the allowed ones but as expected, I’ve got an error (“No enum constant”);
It is possible to separate permissions on next version to allow the user to move a content but not modify it?

Another point about the linked articles is that we could force publish (so the api publishes it right after creating/modifying it) or not. If we do not “Force Publish” the article appears Offline on the content studio and the user should be able to publish it, but since newer Enonic versions edits the property “publish.from” on the content (which requires the “Modify” permission to edit it), I got the error “Processing failed: Publishing content”. I think the modify permission should not include/affect the Publish schedule/functionalities, so I’m moving the post to “Bugs” instead of “Features”.

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We’re looking into this!


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