Content publish history

Enonic version: 6.15

Is it possible to view the publish history for content? I would like to find out when and by who some content was published or unpublished. The version history does not seem to display this information. It shows changes to the content itself as separate versions, but if you unpublish the content, nothing seems to get changed except for the status of the content.

When viewing the content using content viewer or data toolbox I am not able to find out the history of publishing/unpublishing either. Both the «modifier» and «modifiedTime» seems to reference the last content update and is not affected by for instance an unpublish operation.

Is it possible to find the true publish history somewhere?

If I preview some unpublished content in Content Studio, the preview will tell me that the content was unpublished by the user that is registered as modifier. However, if I edit the content as user A and publish, then log in as user B and unpublish, the preview will say that the content was unpublished by user A, which is definitely not correct…

This is not possible in XP 6 but implemented in XP7. You can see who and when modified and published every version. Here’s how it looks:

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Ok, thanks for your clarification. Time to upgrade, I guess :slight_smile:

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The version history lacks two important things:

  1. No date when the article is unpublished. It’s not in content viewer either. This is very important to us.
  2. If you publish in advance, let’s say it will be published the next day, this date is not shown in the version history, but you will find it in content viewer.

We have made a request to Enonic to fix this.