Content studio doesn't recognize project

Enonic version: 7.14.2
OS: ubuntu (running in docker container)


We’ve recently updated Enonic XP to version 7.14.2 from 7.9.2, Content Studio to version 5.2.0 from 4.2.5, and our project to a compatible version as well. Content Studio doesn’t recognize this updated project and says that it hasn’t found any. The data of the project are still there when viewed through Data Toolbox.

Maybe, it’s important to mention, that our project uses the default repository, like:

  • com.enonic.cms.default for main language layer
  • com.enonic.cms.default-es for English layer

Do we have to make a new project, and if so, is there a way to transfer the data between repositories? Or is there any other way to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hi again,

I found the release nodes Configuration file - Enonic Developer Portal

I’ll try to set the configuration


yes it helped now we can see our content.
but there is an annoying red bar saying Lost connection to server - Please wait until connection is restored, but it seems to me that everything is working fine.

How to get rid of it? There is nothing written in the logs of XP.

This error message is typically a sign of a problem with websockets. There’s a keep-alive request sent every 30 seconds which, if failed, will result in this error message. Check your network.

Hi ase,

thank you for your reply. The Lost connection message disappeared after cleaning the history of the browser. It had to remain some dust after the older version in the cache.
XP is working correctly now.


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