Content studio location url following current object

Non-url based browsing of admin panel has been a problem for me in 4.7 and the same applies to XP.
It would be great if the content studio could update and read the url when changing objects so you can copy/paste URLs to jira cases, create bookmarks with most frequently edited pages, use browser history as intended.

Hi Ksawery,

Have you tried this in XP 6.9? It uses unique paths for the admin interface that can be bookmarked, emailed, etc. Just wondering if this is what you are after, or you have tried it and want an extension of this functionality.


I’m running the Enonic XP 6.9.2 osx desktop installation. Is there a variable I have to set in order to get the admin URL functionality?
The only way to follow objects is when editing. Then it’s:
but browsing objects in the tree uses:

Would be nice if it was possible to keep the current browsed object in url path/parameter

Hi again,

So, then this is a extension on existing functionality. The functionality you show here is the out-of-the-box one in 6.9. Extending that into the browse/view state of Content Studio is especially problematic to implement since you can select multiple items at once, but with editing you just edit one item per tab/url. Bookmarking of frequently edited items (as you listed as one use-case) is available in 6.9, also linking to content in Jira. But then to the Edit view of that content, not the Browse view.

In conclusion (and for internal reference): feature request is to add support for deep linking into the browse view of Content Studio the same way we do in Edit view. Correct me if I’m wrong.

@bwe Yes, deep linking to browse. I don’t have anything against the possibility to link to multiple selection of keys if that is possible. Might be nice to be able to send someone a list of items with a question “can we delete those?”. Otherwise, when editing an item, might be nice to have a show current item in browse/tree view.

So, what you are looking for is essentially a way to select multiple items, and then send a link to someone with these items?

At least I’m happy to tell you we are working on a feature that will do parts of this - or more specific allow you to create an issue where one or more content items are related to the issue. You will even be able to create an issue from the publishing wizard, and invite other users to look at the issue.

@tsi Yes, selecting one item for convenience of bookmarking, using history, refreshing and multiple items for cooperation in teams. But I guess if you generalize an url parameter with a list of selected keys it will solve both scenarios. For example:
admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.admin.ui/content-studio#/browse/{key1} opens a single item with key1 into browse/preview and left navigation tree opened at _path, I don’t know if path can always be determined by key but it would be good to open the object with parent expanded in nav tree.
admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.admin.ui/content-studio#/browse/{key1,key2,…} opens multiple selection view with selected content with key1,key2,…, same as above when it comes to nav tree parent expand

For CMS 4.7 I have created small greasemonkey scripts to generate links and cookies to help me with browsing :slight_smile: But since XP is in active development I thought it’s easier to suggest a new feature.

If there is use of test and production environments it might be useful to navigate by _path as well:
That would do the same as admin/tool/com.enonic.xp.admin.ui/content-studio#/browse/{key1} for item._id=key1

Hi again!

We are working on several improvements to the Content Studio that will providing collaboration, workflow and sending batches of content between users. We do not want to do a lot of url-manipulation right now.

However, maybe you would like a way to generate url’s into content studio (or other tools), or even directly to edit a content? This is something we could look into!

Enonic 4.7 used cookies to store navigation tree state, that was a bit troublesome since there was no way to just send the state in an url or bookmark it also there was no “scroll from source” (name of IntelliJ function, I would call it jump to opened document in nav tree). It’s not anything critical, just an usability and ergonomics improvement.