Content studio reverts to

Enonic version: 7.2.0
Content Studio version: 2.3.2

I’m have some trouble related to localization and fallback in phrases.

It seems like content studio is falling back on after I changed to hold Norwegian phrases instead of having a separate phrases file for it.

Our setup used to be English Norwegian

but we needed to change it to Norwegian English

After the removal of the phrases_no-file, content studio automatically reverts to instead of

The localization in parts still work.

However, shouldn’t content studio revert to the default phrases file that now holds Norwegian instead of

This depends on your browsers language preferences I guess? What are your settings, and what language do you see the rest of XP admin in?

My browser language is Norwegain and I see the rest of the XP admin in Norwegian, all except components and parts. They are in English.

That’s interesting, we’ll have to look into this - might be a bug?