Content Type definition

I see that this feature was released and we have now a “getType” function in contentLib. This is really nice! I was doing something like that using ioLib which is serving me well for now. But in this new function there are missing x-data-mixins. They will be available in some near-launch release?

The x-data-mixins are not part of the content types. They are visible depending on whether a content is in the site or not.

But I guess we could add new functions to get x-data-mixins info. There are currently no plans for that. I will move this to Feature request.


We should indeed provide x-data info, however it is important to notice that this is contextual to the site, so it might require some tuning of the getTypes API.


If the contextual mixins late the other ones (those defined directly in the content-types) we could have them later xD

Mixins referenced from the content type are simply templates, and they should already be included. X-data however is a whole different beast.

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Meh :{ I agree with you. For now the only reason of using them as x-data is the UX they give for large content-types. If inline mixins could create the menu items that scroll directly to them I could avoid using them as x-data :stuck_out_tongue:


So… If we were to support adding multiple forms in a content type, you would get the UI functionality you are looking for?

Yes! That would be awesome! :smiley:

We have added it to the backlog. Currently not prioritized.