Content type vs Input type search issue

It is really hard to find what you are looking for, if what you are looking for is an input type and not a content type.

Let’s say you want a radio button on your input form. Casual users (me) might search for “content types enonic” and not the correct search term “input types enonic”. Users in many cases want “input types enonic”. So if you start out wrong it will be really hard to find the correct page for input types, because there is no reference from “content type” to “input type” in the docs.

Same problem in the docs search. If you search for “content type” you will not find “input type” if that was what you where looking for.

Perhaps you should add som x ref on that search term, so ppl find what they are actually looking for. There is no x ref on content type to input type in your docs as far as I can tell. So with a bad search term, you are soon lost in space.

That’s a good point, thanks. We’ll make sure to cross-reference these two sections in our docs.

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