ContentSelector for users

Enonic version: 6.7.0
OS: Windows 7

Is there some type of content-selector for users? I’m using the authentication library for handling users and I would like a content-selector which lists all users. Right now I’m using a CustomSelector that lists all users based on the function auth.findPrincipals({type: ‘user’}). I use this CustomSelector in an article content-type to set the author of the article. The problem with this approach is that I don’t get a content-relationship between the article and the author. The author does not show up as a dependency on the article content. I assume this is because I’m using a CustomSelector.

Currently we don’t have a selector input type for users.

The reason why the author does not show as dependency is that CustomSelector has values of type String. While the ContentSelector input type has values of type Reference .
To track the dependencies, a content should contain a value of type Reference with the id of the referenced content.

See some documentation about value types.

But users are not content anyway so they would not show as dependency even if correctly referenced. Is the “author” a content type? What about using a ContentSelector and filter by that content type instead?

Are you saying that it’s possible to set value type to Reference on a CustomSelector? Or is this built-in functionality only applicable to ContentSelectors?

Author is not a content-type, but I guess I should consider that.

No, it’s not possible. CustomSelector values can only be string.