ContentSelector in Content Studio closes and resets on "blur"

Enonic version: 7.8.1
OS: Enonic Cloud

Hi all,


My customer feels that it is frustrating when they are inputting data in a ContentSelector (and probably other selectors), and they change to another tab in the browser to read the next data to input – the selector is reset (on blur), and they loose what they had already selected.

They know they can press “use” to store, but they want to keep the dropdown open to select more after checking another browser tab.

Suggested solution:

Don’t close and reset Selectors on blur.

Thanks guys!
– Tom Arild

Hi Tom.

This might have multiple implications, I assume your customer would still want such elements to close as you move focus to another input? We will investigate this further.

After posting this, I became really unsure if this was smart or not.

The behavor of a normal <select> is to close on blur, so having the Selectors close on blur is consistent with browser behavior, and should probably be kept after all.

Maybe the problem is not that it’s closing, but resetting it’s state when it closes?

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Yes indeed, there might be a compromise here to keep the state.

For now, we worry about many potential side-effects of changing this - so we’ll not implement this ATM.