ContentStudio: Hide preview window by default

Enonic version: 7.12.2
OS: Linux

Dear Enonic Team,

Can you please tell me is it possible to hide preview window by default?
May be there are some settings?

If not, could you please mark it as feature for next releases?

If the viewport width is 720px or less, the preview is hidden by default.

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Hi Niki.
We are actually working on changes to the preview as we speak. Most important change is that any Item will have a preview - always.

We are also looking into dropping the big preview field for “list mode”, and rather docking it in the context panel. Clicking preview button will show a preview overlay (ala Googel Drive)

Attached are some designs. Any feedback is valued

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Hi Thomas.
Yes, that changes would be awesome.
I’m looking forward of that new version of content studio.

And it would be great to hide preview in edit mode by default (or make it adjustable - hide or show by default).

Quick question. Your preview shows a spinner. Is it like this all the time?

No, it’s not all the time. Then it shows page content.
But my web site users that use Content Studio don’t want to see this preview widow by default, it’s not comfortable for them.
Before they worked with Drupal CMS and now that preview window is confusing them ;).

So it would be nice to have a setting that will hide it by default and will allow users to show a preview overlay by clicking preview button (ala Googel Drive) as you wrote above.

The same for Edit mode, because users usually used to work with a left form, the right preview window that allows to add components (part/layouts) confuse them and they think that they have to change something there as well (in the right window), but actually they only have to fill left form.

Yes user can hide right window by clicking monitor icon, but it’s not comfortable to do it every time ;).

Hi again.

As mentioned, we’re looking into changing this for the grid view, but we have not concluded yet.

For the edit view - if there is a preview for the item, and sufficient screen space, it will automatically open. We will not change this. It simply makes sense. In my experience, editors in general are very happy about getting this preview.

Actually, its the first time in my 20+ years in the industry I hear that editors prefer not getting a preview. :sweat_smile:.

Looking closer at your screenshot, this seems a bit confusing. Why would there be empty regions in an article preview?

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for the information :+1:
Regarding to empty regions, that regions allow users to place there some component (banner or block) if they need it in the future.