ContentStudio: Preview by default

Enonic version: Enonic XP 7.14.1
OS: Mac OS

We are in the process of evaluating Enonic for our organization and are wondering if it is possible to have a preview by default for fields and components.

Hello and welcome to the Enonic community!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by having preview for fields and components?

In Enonic it’s a content item that can have a preview, not its separate content fields. Components can be rendered separately (via API), but in Content Studio (the content editorial tool) components can only be previewed as a part of the content item they are a part of.

Here’s a video that touches upon basics of content management and preview in Content Studio, hope you’ll find it helpful.

We also have integration with Next.JS framework which enables external preview in Content Studio (as explained in this chapter).

Feel free to ask more questions!

If you are referring to preview of a content item, it will always be on by default in Content Studio, but only as soon as the content is renderable. It doesn’t happen out of the box, you have to set up rendering first.

This is explained, for example, in this chapter of the “My first site” tutorial, but I suggest you read through the entire tutorial to understand how content rendering works in Enonic.

Thank you for your help. Yes I was thinking for content item preview out of the box. We are currently working with Drupal and we are looking for a new CMS to replace it. I will go through the documentation and tutorial for better understanding.