Couchbase with Enonic XP

I know that Enonic XP uses its own NoSQL storage. But is there anyway to use enonic xp with Couchbase? I’m using Couchbase Mobile for my mobile apps, and want to use enonic XP as web front-end.


There are many ways to do this, but if you want to process the data on an XP server, from what I can tell, Couchbase Mobile has a REST API. So the easiest way to get started should be by using the HTTP Client library: and access the data directly from there. There is also a Java Client for couchbase which you may use. If there is a Javascript client that might also work!

Additionally I guess you could access Couchbase directly from Javascript in the browser page, but with my limited knowledge of Couchbase I’m not sure if that is Kosher :slight_smile:

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I would suggest using PouchDB on the web, as you can integrate it easily with Couchbase Mobile (or other DBs using the CouchDB protocol).

Then you just need to set up Enonic XP to talk to the Sync Gateway using the Http-lib as @tsi suggests, and all content retrieval/submission goes through that.

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