Creating forms help

Thanks Vegard. I’m starting a new project next week and I’m playing around with xp-form-builder and doing forms from scratch. What is the difference between and xp-forms-builder. They look very similar apart from a report widget.

I think app-formbuilder might be a bit inspired by mine, but you have to ask the Enonic-guys. But if you are choosing between them, go with app-formbuilder.

Xp-form-builder will probably never be finished (I am prioritizing xp-forms), although I know at least one company made a couple of modifications and today are running it in production.

I get a little confused about your form. Your <div> tag suggest that this is a form on the client, but your <input> tag syntax suggest that this is an e-XP content type xml.

Do you want to add content through the content studio or from the client?

Per Arne

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Hi Per,

I want a form on the client side.