Creating reusable parts as libs?

The Enonic Market is great for a ton of stuff, but one thing it doesn’t encourage is creating reusable parts across projects.

Could it be a good idea to create reusable parts (like a Google Maps part) as libs, and then depend on them to “decorate” an application?

One problem I could think of off the bat is styling - how could you specify some basic styles without creating a potential mess of different asset files (CSS, JS) that needs to be loaded by themselves? You could of course give the styling / logic responsibilities to the consumer, but that might be a bit hard to explain / understand.

What do you think? It would definitely lower the barrier for creating new stuff to put into the marketplace, since creating a part is pretty simple.


Jup… This is definetly one of our intention with libraries.
Imho - libraries are ideal for this purpose, you would simply drop shipping styles with the library, and specify how it can be styled within your app. If it is flexibly designed you should easily be able to add such things to any framework also!

You’re highly welcome to contribute such libraries :grin:

Great :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can create a few simple ones this week :slight_smile:

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