Custom content import

Enonic version: XP 6.4.0
OS: Mac OS 10.11.3

There’s a whole section about bulk importing custom content into CMS (, but there’s nothing relevant for XP as far as I can see (
Must be something obvious I’m missing :smile:

If you’re importing files, like PDFs, or images, you can just select them on your desktop and drag them into the Create Content Wizard that appears when you click the “New” button in Content Studio.

Does that help?

Thanks, it works just fine for one-off cases, but the scenario here is to bulk import significant number of custom content items mastered elsewhere (for example, car inventory or country list) and make them searchable.

Might just be a loophole in the documentation?!

Possible solutions are:

  • Create a script that uses the content API to import
  • Import using the node level format.

To understand how the import format looks, create some dummy content for your content type and use the export function in toolbox. Now, make your data available in this exact format and run the toolbox import on it!

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