Customize CSS of figure

Enonic version: Enonic XP 6.15.8
OS: macOS Mojave

How can we customize css of figure image in given screenshot? or is there any way to add custom class so we can have our own css to override it. we are using the wysiwyg for this

And i just have checked we have a class ‘justify’ for justified image. but for for right and left aligned images we don’t have a class on figure

it would be so great if we get this help.

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Hello! You can use ‘Source’ button in the right corner of the editor’s toolbar to adjust html directly.
Also you may find some useful configurations here:


Thanks for your reply.
But for justified images we don’t have to add the class in source. when we select justified option the class will be automatically add by enonic on figure.

And to be very honest we don’t want to add class from source.

You can use custom styles:

Do those image styles exist as a feature in XP 6.15, which is what Amit is running? That link is from the XP 7 documentation.

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Custom image styles are not supported in XP 6.*

Any alternative way to make an indentation and align images next to the text like this?

How about upgrading to XP7, there are 100+ other reasons including security fixes why you should do that.