CustomSelector selected object

Enonic version: 6.8.0
OS: Elementary OS Loki (Ubuntu 16.04)


Is there any event in a service for a custom selector that allows me to get an id of an item that user has selected?

I need to relate two content objects with each other. It should work the way like if there are two content objects (e.g. #1 and #2), the user select #2 in a #1, #1 should get also selected in a #2. I was wondering to make it using a custom selector, but I can’t get any information about what user chooses.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you thinking about client events, so you can update independent input types in a form as the user is editing? Currently there is no such thing in the schema system, but we are considering something like this in the future. Any design suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas

Thanks for your reply.
Actually, I meant something like firing a fucntion(e.g. userSelectedItem(item)) in a custom selector, so I would be able to modify both objects in a service(controller): which was edited and the object which was selected. :slight_smile: